Our History

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Innovativesofts, was founded in 2009 to provide services in Information Technology, and for several years we have expanded our horizon by adding several companies among our clients. Innovativesofts is growing aggressively with an excellent team of consultants who provide our clients with best performance. We boast our expertise in a wide range of Information Systems technology. Innovativesofts provides services that are highly regarded in the information technology industry. Our professionals bring exceptional quality and dedication to the client. Our abilities to analyze existing technological environments, design and develop new systems, develop specifications and documentation, provide operating systems and applications programming, and assure full integration into existing environments are illustrated in several enclosed project abstracts.

To conduct business with a dedication to Vision, crest, and reliable, and to have a positive impact on each person with whom we come in contact. When we began in 2009 we specialized exclusively in the placement of temporary office workers. As we've expanded over the years, we have grown into a full-service staffing service. Because of the complexity of our systems and procedures, and of our high ethical standards, we have chosen not to franchise. Each Innovativesofts office is Company owned and staffed by highly trained Innovativesofts’s personnel. Innovativesofts business segments are interrelated from the viewpoint of key ingredients such as skill sets, customers, technologies and marketplaces. Working together, these businesses add synergistic value to one another and in turn, to their customers. Capabilities and accomplishments in one Innovativesofts business enhance the opportunity for success in the others. Put simply, Innovativesofts's unique combination of attributes promotes success!.

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Supply Chain Management System

An inventory system package from point of origin to the point of consumption.

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Accounting System

A core package including general ledger, receivable, payable and reporting.

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Cellular Franchise Management System

A complete system developed to handle all the facts of a cellular franchise.

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Education Management System

A system to meet the standards & requirements of any educational institution.

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Point of Sale Management System

A solution starting from the purchase of goods up to sale including profit&loss.